At Econekt, we use a collaborative approach to provide the best service in self-build construction. We partner with many industry-leading professionals to cement our position at the forefront of what we do. We are proud to offer the best in Passivhaus, low-energy building services and supplies that you will find on the market today.

With you every step of the way from architectural design, Econekt offer services at every point of the process. You might be a true self-builder, looking for Econekt to supply and assist with all of the building elements that your project may involve. Or, you may already have a design and would like us to lay the foundation slabs and construct the full structural shell of your dream home. You might even be at the beginning of your exciting project with little more than an idea. Whatever stage you are at, Econekt will be there. It’s what we do.

Through Izodom Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) elements, we can exclusively offer a unique building system that works on a fabric-first building ethos; achieving low-to-zero running costs, without a requirement for alternative energies. This is accomplished with our extensively developed and simple to construct building system.

When undertaking your self-build project, we can meet Passivhaus building standards with ease. You will see U-values ranging from 0.19W/m2K to 0.1W/m2K, achieved through a single walling element.

While Passivhaus and low-energy building standards are achieved with ease at Econekt. we appreciate that sometimes you may only require compliant regulation standards with your project, and that is no problem. We can provide you with a service that holds the same benefits as low-energy and Passivhaus systems, without the additional insulation levels. This ensures you have the quick, simple and affordable all-weather structural building system that you have always dreamt of.

Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements and our specialist team will be with you every step of the way.

More Information
Passivhaus GF slab and wall junction – no thermal bridges
Standard low-energy 2m wall. 350mm width with 0.15W/m2K u value
Lintel element – pre shuttered, reducing additional material costs and simplifying build
Low-energy ledger; removing thermal bridges at all floor and roof junctions
Low-energy retaining wall. 0.15W/m2K with a 200mm concrete core
Low-energy pre formed corner, simplifying the build process