ICF Construction With Izodom 2000 Polska

Econekt are proud to be the exclusive UK partner for Izodom 2000 ICF construction products.

Izodom 2000 Polska began operations in 1991, focusing on the production of Insulated Concrete Formwork, sometimes known as ICF construction, products. This led to the eventual formation of the certified (PHI 2018) Passivhaus building system that we use today.

Econekt can meet these building standards with ease. You will see U-values ranging from 0.21W/m2K to 0.1W/m2K, achieved through a single walling element with Izodom Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF).

More about Izodom 2000 Polska

Izodom 2000 Polska are unrivalled in ICF construction products which is one of the many reasons we at Econekt decided to partner with them exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Now with production and manufacturing facilities globally, Izodom produces one of the most advanced ICF construction systems available on the market. They have a range of over one hundred and forty individual system components; through three levels of energy performance, there is an Izodom product option for every project.

Famed for their award-winning manufacturing, Izodom 2000 Polska offers insulated concrete formwork, specialist insulation panels and other key foam components for your exciting project. They are highly regarded for their seamless innovation and focus on energy efficiency.

Izodom Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) Walling Systems

Izodom currently offer three levels of walling systems for your self-build project, each with varying insulating properties and outside wall thickness.

Low Energy:

Energy Efficiency Class 0.19W/m2K
Total Insulation Thickness 300mm
Total Insulation Thickness 150mm
Outside Insulation Layer Thickness 100mm

Ensures meeting requirements for UK building standards and beyond, relating to insulation and energy efficiency. While this is the thinnest choice in terms of insulation, it still removes thermal bridging at all key junctions, and it insulates lintels, reveals and window jambs.


Energy Efficiency Class 0.15W/m2K
Total Insulation Thickness 350mm
Total Insulation Thickness 200mm
Outside Insulation Layer Thickness 150mm

Perfect for those projects with a focus on energy-efficient solutions building to Passivhaus principles but without the desire for certification.

Passivhaus Plus:

Energy Efficiency Class 0.1W/m2K
Total Insulation Thickness 450mm
Total Insulation Thickness 300mm
Outside Insulation Layer Thickness 250mm

Ideal for those projects with interest in becoming fully certified, providing the formwork for your dream low-energy home.

Benefits of ICF construction?

There are many benefits of using Insulated Concrete Formwork systems in your self-build. Here are the key advantages of using the system over other systems on the market.

Thermal Insulation:

You will often find that when using Insulated Concrete Formwork blocks for your self-build project, this can completely omit the requirement for other sources of insulation, such as more traditionally used means like fibreglass, mineral wool, cellulose or polyurethane foam.

Acoustic Insulation:

As well as thermal insulation, you will also find that ICF construction allows for a considerable reduction in acoustic insulation requirements in homes. This ensures that the insulation can reduce noise levels to a minimum between rooms. Perfect for homes to those with a particular musical talent or buildings that need to keep noise levels between themselves and neighbours to a minimum.


A key advantage of using an ICF construction system is its use efficiency in the build process. This is mainly down to the ease of use and installation with ICF materials; this ensures less of a requirement for labour and materials, rendering your project far more economical in the long run.

Energy Benefits:

Depending on which type of walling system and other ICF construction products you decide on, your dream home could be enjoying little-to-no running costs in terms of heating. ICF’s insulation properties mean that your home’s energy can be generated from things like body heat and appliances, omitting the requirement for central heating systems in many cases.


ICF construction systems enjoy a wealth of benefits when considering the structure of your self-build project. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your materials are impenetrable to factors such as mould, rot, adverse weather, and dampness. ICF systems have long been hailed as a better alternative to traditional materials such as wood when conducting a self-build project.

Air Tightness:

Airtightness is generally an area of concern or risk when building your home. However, when working with ICF construction, the structural concrete core provides the structural integrity of the house and the primary air barrier — reducing the risk of this tiresome process and allowing more time to be spent on the penetrations or window and door openings. ICF constructed homes can achieve an air change rate of less than one change with no extra attention.

Izodom Foundation Slabs

Another key product that Izodom 2000 Polska and Econekt offer are their Foundation Slabs. These have been used in place of traditional continuous strip footings and foundation walls.

Ground slabs are typically cast at the construction site and reinforced with steel mesh or steel fibre. They can achieve varied shapes with Izodom ground slabs due to the manufacturing process that Izodom uses when making them, unlike some other companies. The usual thickness of slab insulation is 250mm, but can be extended by up to 150m in some cases, or even reduced to only 150mm, at the request of the project designer.

Benefits of Izodom Foundation Slabs

There are several key benefits to using Izodom foundation slabs in your self-build project.

Speed & Ease of Execution:

The straightforward structure of the foundation slabs ensures that they are easy to install and alleviates any possibility for on-site mistakes or errors when laying them. You will also benefit from a reduced installation time – by up to three days, mainly due to the specific components used in their construction. Each Izodom and Econekt foundation slab is delivered to the site pre-cut and formed with an installation guide. This ensures that no site modification is required and that the foundation components are placed interlocking both on their vertical and horizontal planes.

Damp & Thermal Protection:

Omitting the horizontal and vertical insulation requirement to be applied when executing traditional foundation walls and continuous strip footing. Izodom foundation slabs ensure much easier insulation, which in turn gives your self-build project much better and easier protection against both thermal and damp elements.


The Izodom foundation slab is a colossal component in your self-build project. This ensures unrivalled stability compared to other current designs, such as foundation walls and continuous strip footings.

Slab Positioning:

Due to our slabs only being required to be positioned at 0.5m depth, the requirements for both duration and depth of excavation are significantly reduced for your self-build project.

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