Passive House ICF Building Technology

Econekt are proud to be the exclusive UK partner for Izodom 2000 products.

Izodom 2000 Polska was set-up in 1991 with a focus on the production of low energy and Passivhaus building products, leading to the eventual formation of the certified (PHI 2018) Passivhaus building system.
Now with production and manufacturing facilities globally, Izodom produce one of the most advanced ICF based systems available on the market.
With a range of over one hundred and forty individual system components, through three levels of energy performance there is an Izodom product option for every project.

Passivhaus GF slab and wall junction – no thermal bridges
Low-energy pre formed corner, simplifying the build process
Low-energy retaining wall. 0.15W/m2K with a 200mm concrete core