Case Study – Sandbach, Cheshire

 9th December 2020

Here we look at a self-build project we completed in Sandbach, Cheshire. This is an interesting one as the client was in construction themselves, so we carried out the project works alongside one-and-other.

We built the complete structural shell while the client installed an Izodom insulated foundation slab which we supplied and assisted with on-site.

What did the client want?

The client was essentially looking for a low-energy build solution that was both quick and simple, and at Econekt we were more than happy to offer this.

They were looking for a contractor who could build the complete structural shell but could also remain quite flexible. This was because they ran a civil engineering based business and wanted to put in the Izodom insulated foundation slab themselves.

We were happy to accommodate this, supplying the foundation slab plus assisting and advising with the installation of it. At Econekt we always strive to be as flexible as possible with any job, ensuring that all of our clients’ needs are met.

What did we do for the project?

From the beginning of the project, we worked with the team at Axis Design architects and the client to render the plot ready for works to be carried out after they had achieved planning permission prior to our engagement.

We first supplied the Izodom insulated foundation slab system directly to the client and oversaw the installation process with our and the client’s site teams.

Once the slab was installed, we then went on to build the Izodom ICF walls and installed block and beam flooring to the midfloor and flat roof sections of the structure.

All-in-all, this was quite a short project in comparison to some other self-builds that we have worked on. While we can offer anything up to a full Turnkey service, we can offer assistance at most stages of the process no matter how short.

Benefits of the self-build project:

While all self-build projects hold one key benefit of being something unique to the proprietor, their other benefits can vary depending on the build and work carried out.

With this project, in particular, it was a low-energy self-build which was constructed using Passivhaus principles. While the structure currently is not Passivhaus certified, it still enjoys the many other benefits of the principles:

The client will enjoy low-to-zero running costs for the property – Passivhaus homes usually see a reduction in bills of as little as 25% of those of a standard new-build structure.

They will also have a much more sustainable environmental impact – a reduction in the use of energy will ultimately reduce a home’s carbon emissions while the adoption of Passivhaus principles helps to reduce labour when constructing a home, ergo less energy used in the process.

Finally, the home will stand the test of time. Passivhaus homes are known for their amazing longevity and are built with a long future in mind.

Another benefit to the self-builder was that we completed this project through the winter – during November and December. We can carry out work in most weather conditions, come rain or shine.

From Econekt being the single contractor to complete the shell of the house, we carried out the work in such a way that the client was able to hand over the completion of the structure to another single contractor. We always strive to keep the design and build of a project as simple as possible for the client, regardless of how much of the process we are directly involved in.

Planning your own project?

At Econekt we can help you during most stages of the self-build process and can work in most conditions too! Get in touch with our highly-trained specialists to see how we can make your dream home a reality.

Last Updated: 9th December 2020

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