Switching to a Green Energy Supplier For Your Self-Build

 28th January 2021

At Econekt, our key aim is for you to enjoy the environmental benefits of Passivhaus construction. A Passivhaus home builds green energy technology into every facet of the design and ensures decades of reduced energy savings.

As well as reducing your energy consumption, the robust-yet-simple technology that powers the home massively reduces your need to spend on repairs and maintenance. Not only is this good news for your household budget, but it is also great for the environment. Because they use so much less energy, these homes generate much less carbon than even most new-build homes.

But even when you embrace the above principles, you can still reduce your environmental footprint even further and in all likelihood, save even more money on energy. Energy comparison sites such as Switch-Plan will tell you, it’s all about choosing the right energy supplier. Switching to a green energy supplier can make a huge difference to any home.

What is a green energy supplier?

Renewable energy has low-to-zero carbon emissions and uses no finite resources like coal, oil or natural gas. It’s safe to say that renewables are the future of the energy industry, and essential in reversing the damage that our energy legacy has done to the planet we share. There are a wealth of green energy suppliers on the UK market today, of all shapes and sizes. While many larger suppliers (including the “Big 6”) have at least one 100% renewable energy tariff, this doesn’t necessarily make them renewable energy suppliers, as some of their fuel mix comes from fossil fuels.

Renewable energy sources include:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Hydro
  • Biomass

What should I look for in a supplier?

Because there are more green suppliers on the market than ever in 2021, energy consumers have the luxury of choice. So, it’s a good idea to know what you can expect from a green energy supplier.

A good energy supplier will:

  • Offer a range of tariffs to suit your needs and usage
  • Have a transparent energy fuel mix that shows exactly where their energy comes from
  • Have a good Trustpilot score and a record of excellent customer service
  • Offer both renewable electricity and carbon-offset/carbon-neutral gas

Who are the best green energy suppliers?

Only you can decide which is the best green energy supplier for your new home. However, here are a few of our favorites, and why we love them:

  • Bulb – 100% renewable and very affordable with a simple variable rate
  • Octopus Energy – An excellent all-rounder with a sterling customer service record
  • Ecotricity – Arguably the UK’s greenest supplier and to date the UK’s only 100% vegan energy supplier
  • Outfox the Market – Always proactively scanning wholesale energy costs to give you the best prices

Is green energy more expensive?

Almost certainly not. In fact, many of the cheapest tariffs on the market today are offered by green energy suppliers. The likes of Bulb, Outfox The Market and Octopus Energy are commonly counted amongst the most affordable suppliers. However, energy rates may vary depending on your location.

No matter where you are in the planning or construction of your new passive home, make sure you maximise your savings and environmental gains with a green energy supplier!

Last Updated: 28th January 2021

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