Insulated Foundation Slabs

 26th March 2021

The basis of all great structures come from laying a solid foundation, and that is no different here at Econekt. This is where insulated foundation slabs come into play.

When constructing a self-build using foundation slabs, we at Econekt always opt for Izodom foundations. The robust slabs are designed with both durability and efficiency in mind, offering the user unrivalled insulation levels which can be installed quickly on any self-build project.

How are they installed?

Stage one: Preparation

We would excavate the site to allow the install of a Type 1 sub-base. Generally, this is no deeper than 150-300mm, well compacted in layers of no more than 150mm. Usually, the below-ground drainage and service ducts would be installed in this layer, before installing a perfectly levelled grit blinding layer – it’s imperative that this is laid flat.

Stage two: Formwork Assembly

Self-builds come in all shapes and sizes, and that is no issue to us as the Izodom elements are pre-formed and pre-cut at production simply allowing for placement with an install guide prepared for both our production and installation. It’s important to highlight that the Izodom formwork is all moulded and interlocks with a tongue and groove connection for the base along with dovetail joints of the perimeter elements too – there is no glue here!

Stage three: Reinforcement

Peace of mind is key in any project, and we believe this should be present right from the start. We can reinforce our slabs through several means including fibre reinforcement, steel mesh or straight rebar – all down the super structure design and project engineer.

Stage four: Concrete Pour

The all-important stage of any self-build, the concrete pour. Once every aspect of the initial slab build is carefully finished, we then fill the formwork with concrete. Ready for the next stages of your exciting project.

Benefits of Insulated Foundation Slabs

Excavation Depth:

Because our slabs only require to be 0.5m under ground level, this significantly improves on-site efficiency as it reduces the duration of time in which it takes to excavate any self-build project.


This is a key part of your self-build project and as such, it should be unrivalled in its structural integrity. Insulated foundation slabs far outperform traditional foundation means such as continuous strip footings.

Thermal Protection

Due to the very nature of the slabs themselves giving unrivalled insulation than traditional methods, this, in turn, provides a complete insulation wrap to the underside of your home’s slab.

Speed of Installation

Izodom foundation slabs are incredibly easy to construct for any self-build project, and as such take far less time to build than any more traditional means. You are likely to see installation vastly reduced when compared to other methods. This is largely because all Izodom foundation slabs are actually delivered to a project pre-formed and cut to design specifications, then are easily and efficiently installed thereafter onto your pre-prepared sub base.

Versatility for Super-Structure

Izodom foundation slabs are incredibly versatile and not simply kept for ICF builds. Econekt are pleased to have worked with the insulated foundation slabs on projects ranging from timber kit or SIPS kits to traditional builds. Along with single homes, terraces and even apartments all using the Izodom foundation slabs.

Are you interested in having an insulated foundation slab installed in your self-build project? Get in touch with one of our highly-trained specialists today. We are proud to be the exclusive UK partner for all Izodom products.

Last Updated: 26th March 2021

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