Low-Carbon Home in Callander – Case Study

 23rd July 2021

This case study focuses on a low-carbon home we are currently working on in Callander, Scotland. Situated on the main street of the small village, the property boasts a striking and contemporary design, with an innovative construction style to accompany it.

Who is the client and what do they want?

Our client, Glyn Evans, retired around ten years ago from a career in local government and decided that he wanted to fulfil his dream of building his own house. Already having an interest in building with ICF products, Glyn wanted to ensure this was a sustainable and low-carbon home.

Glyn was looking to have the structural shell be completed by an ICF company, while he would be doing all the internal works and external finishes himself. After looking at several ICF suppliers, Glyn had decided to work with Econekt as we very much fit the brief for his incredible project, developing a good relationship with us very early on.

This particular project is still underway at present, with much of the work already completed.

What will we do?

Taking Glyn’s site from a vacant plot, we will carry out the following works:

  • Excavate the plot ready for the Izodom insulated foundation slab completing all drainage and service works
  • Installed the insulated foundation slab
  • Concrete pour for the insulated foundation slab
  • ICF blocks constructed for the lower-ground level
  • Concrete pour for the lower-ground level ICF blocks
  • Install lower ground and ground floor steel structure
  • Posi-joists installed for the ground level
  • Ground-level ICF blocks installed
  • Ground-level ICF pour carried out
  • Upper-level posi-joists installed
  • Upper level ICF blocks installed
  • Upper-level concrete pour carried out
  • Top of steel frame installed for the roof of the home
  • Roof structure of the home installed
  • Window installation

Benefits to the client

Glyn was looking for a single ICF contractor to both supply and build the structural shell of his self-build. He was also looking for a transparent and personable relationship between said contractor, and Econekt certainly fit the bill. We made sure that we were up-front with any costs or changes to the project, ensuring total transparency throughout.

Glyn had very little risk when choosing Econekt to complete his structural shell. With our many years of experience and strong reputation, we were an obvious choice for this one.

This project has been a real experience and a credit to all involved, as has presented several challenges along the way. We are very much looking forward to seeing Glyn finish the project over the coming months.

Interested in Econekt making your self-build dreams become a reality? Get in touch with one of our highly experienced specialists today.

Last Updated: 23rd July 2021

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