Self-Build Project – Milngavie

  4th November 2020

Here we spotlight on a recently completed self-build project in Milngavie. This was an amazing home where Econekt were involved at many key points in the process.

What did the client want?

Our client was looking for a single contractor to complete the structural shell of their self-build project. This essentially means that a home would be finished from the outside and allow the client to design and build the interior however they liked. This is just one of the many services that Econekt offer when considering your self-build project.

What did we do for the project?

Our involvement in this self-build project was pretty extensive, to say the least. We first took the site from its original and vacant state, with the client’s initial designs and planning taken into consideration, an extremely important first stage when designing and building your own home.

We then laid all of the initial groundworks to the home, first placing the initial waterproofing layer, then laying the Izodom low-energy Insulated Foundation System. This is key to ensuring that your self-build project has ample damp and thermal protection, and stability.

Then, we built the Izodom ICF basement retaining walls, alongside the non-retaining part of the lower ground floor, including all of the external waterproofing works that were required. We pre-cast concrete on both the mid, and first floor ICF also.

Fun fact: the driveway/parking area of this home is actually the basement roof.

We build the roof and installed it with Icynene insulation. Ideal for both the warmer and cooler months, Icynene ensures that your roof retains heat in the winter and keeps the roof cooler in the summer, ensuring no burst pipes. It also helps to eliminate condensation and improve insulation ensuring low-to-zero energy bills.

We finally installed Internorm windows by EcoHaus, and externally rendered the self-build project and finished the walls with a standing seam zinc finish.

Benefits to the self-build project:

We allowed the basement to be built efficiently on an otherwise difficult site to access and work on. We ensured that a single construction method was utilised, providing a retaining structure, insulated envelope and a waterproofing structure to the self-build property.

Izodom ICF was used in the basement, and above ground with the self-build project. This was teamed with external boundary retaining walls, and the Insulated foundation System.

ICF has many benefits to the self-builder. These include key points such as better thermal and acoustic insulation, build efficiency, improved structural integrity, airtightness and energy advantages including little-to-no heating costs.

If you would like Econekt to help make your self-build project dreams come true, please get in touch with our highly trained experts today.

Last Updated: 4th November 2020

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