The Self-Build Process

 18th June 2021

So, you have decided to take the leap and build your very own home, but what next? Let us take you through the self-build process.

You would then go on to look at a variety of different firms who are up to the challenge, and you have now decided on Econekt to join you on your self-build journey.

Your experience with the self-build process should be straightforward and as stress-free as possible, and our team of highly trained specialists aim to make that happen.

This post aims to outline the process by which Econekt assist you with your self-build and the steps taken to ensure you have the most seamless experience possible.

For the purposes of this post, we will write this in the context of Econekt completing a structural shell for your self-build. This would be everything from the ICF foundation slab and walls, right through to the roof and windows being installed. Essentially, the home would be weathertight, awaiting external finishes and ready for the client and their contractors to finish the interior. We would also assume that you already have planning permission for the plot.

Initial Steps:

  • We would take your planning drawings and assess them, reviewing and commenting on them from a build perspective.
  • Then, we would aim to understand why you have come to Econekt, purely to gauge if both parties are a good fit – e.g., is it something specific about the benefits of ICF or Passivhaus building?
  • We would then prepare forecasted costings for you as a budget subject to the final design and engineering costs (this budget is usually higher than the actual costs).
  • Following this you would review the budget costings and a decision would be made to work together, with a small deposit then being paid.

Post Appointment/Pre-Construction:

  • Work with the engineer and architect to prepare the detailed drawings to allow on-site construction and fixed price contract costing.

On-Site Steps:

  • We would then get to work on-site with our contractors to implement the planned works.
  • Utilising site-management tool Fonn, we can manage all our team both on-site and remotely. The innovative application also allows our clients to keep up to date with all the work that is going on, and they can add imagery and comments to it too. This ensures full transparency between us and you, the client. You will have access to everything that is happening on-site, giving complete peace of mind.
  • We would work with our various industry leading suppliers to ensure safe delivery of all components to be used on-site and run through everything with you prior to the construction works commencing.
  • Following this, the works would then begin:
    • Insulated foundation slabs formwork laid
    • Reinforced concrete slab laid
    • Izodom ICF walls set out, braced and poured
    • Mid floor installation
    • Roof shell installation
    • Window installation (if not manufacturer installed)
  • Following all works being completed, we would then have a handover with yourself and your follow-on contractors (should you be using them) for the remaining stages of the self-build.

At Econekt, our core values are in the DNA of everything that we do on any job. We know that working with any self-build company is a big decision, and that is why our strong client relationships are at the core.

Strong Relationships – with both our clients, and our suppliers.

Trust – always providing transparency right from the get-go

Quality – in all our work, and with our system partners too.

Interested in Econekt assisting with your self-build journey? Get in touch today with one of our highly trained specialists.

Last Updated: 18th June 2021

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