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Ardmair House

Selfbuild with basement to the lower ground floor. Built using Izodom insualted and waterproof foundation formwork to the lower ground floor and the Izodom low energy 0.15W/m2K walls.
Completed with crisp render finish externally and zinc standing seam roof.

Castle Lane

Custom build house on the banks of the river Nairn. Small basement storage area with the entire house built to Low Energy standard with 0.15W/m2K walls and pre-cast pre insulated ground floor slabs and hollow-core first floor.


Low Energy build with Russell Construction Morray Ltd. for one of their private clients. Build to a low energy standard with some site assistance from Econekt

Broomhead Farm

Selfbuild steading replacement, built entirely by the client. Built using the 350mm 0.15W/m2K Izodom elements with site assistance provided by the Econekt training team.


Passivhaus standard self build with basement to the lower ground floor area.
Built using the Izodom raft, 450mm 0.1W/m2K elements to the basement area with an increased concrete core. Econekt completed site assistance with the client and B&G Beverley Joiners

Milbanke Studio, Tiroran

Low Energy, split level, self-build on the Isle of Mull. Built using the Izodom 350mm 0.15W/m2K walling elements with the Spantherm ground floor slab and an Icynene filled roof space.

The Steading, Carrbridgge

Basements element only.
Supply of 200mm concrete core elements to the basement area of this new build holiday let. Built by Bespoke Highland Homes with site assistance from the Econekt training team.

Dulnain Bridge – Retaining Wall

Large 136m2 retaining wall Built with the Izodom 300mm concrete core elements.
Impressive wall build and pour by Bespoke Highland Homes, built on day 1 and poured on day 2.

Cànan na tìre

Passivhaus principle single storey new build dwelling house. Quite a complex build with cantilevered walling areas built with cast in-situ reinforced concrete beams as part of the 450mm Built using the 0.1W/m2K Izodom ICF and the Spantherm ground floor slab with pre-cast hollowcore roof deck.


New build Certified PH with some very original design and detailing ideas. PH raft, 450mm 0.1W/m2K Izodom 450mm formwork elements.

Hillside Road

Low energy self build site using the 0.16W/m2K elements, still at 350mm width but produced from EPS and not Neopor.

Lynngarth, the Curved Extension

Bespoke 350mm 0.15W/m2K curved Izodom elements. Produced specifically for this project to allow simple and straight forward construction of the new curved extension.

Cathlawhill Extension

Low Energy extension to an existing farm house.

Earnhill Road, Phase 2

Design and build contract by MacIntosh Homes to complete 15 new build Affordable housing units for Oaktree Housing Association.
Built using the 350mm Izodom low energy walls, achieving Silver Active energy standard.

Dalinlongart Cottages

2no. New build cottages built to a low energy standard using the 350mm 0.15W/m2K Izodom elements. True self-build for both new homes.

Napier’s Point – Fyne Homes

Design and build contract by MacIntosh Homes to complete 8no. New flats for Fyne Homes. Built using the 350mm 0.15W/m2K walling elements with pre-cast concrete ground and first floor slabs.

Napier’s Point – Plot 3

Design and build contract by MacIntosh Homes for a new low energy dwelling house. Built using the 350mm low energy Izodom elements with the Spantherm ground floor slab

Rose Lane

Repalcement dwelling to Passivhaus standard. Using the Izodom PH foundation formwork with additional insualtion, 450mm 0.1W/m2K walling elements and pre-cast mid floor slabs. Built by Walker Borthers with Site Assistance from Econekt

Manor Road

New low energy self build.
Split level ground floor slab with the insulated Izodom foundation system, external walls using the 350mm 0.15W/m2K walls with block and beam mid floor and flat roof decks

Lon Ednyfed

New low energy self build.
Split level ground floor with the Izodom raft formwork to the lower retaining area and the Hanson JetFloor insulated 'block and beam' to the upper floor. Timber posi-joists elsewhere and Icynene filled roof space.

Park Ravine

Replacement dwelling with large concealed basement area on the ground floor.
Built with the Izodom insulated and waterproof foundation system, using the 350mm 0.15W/m2K basement walls to first floor level, before having a timber kit built on top.

Murray Road – Insulated Foundation System

Design and supply of pre-formed, pre-cut ready for direct assembly Izodom insulated foundation formwork. This will be used to build a timber kit new-build from.

Ladyacre, Phase 1

Semi-basement lower ground floor area with pre-cast concrete mid floor and roof decks. Built with the Izodom 300mm wall with a 200mm concrete core, including an external curved retaining wall. Waterproofing completed by Econekt and site monitored by Triton Waterproofing

Woodlands Passivhaus

Split level ground floor built with the Izodom insulated foundation system. 450mm 0.1W/m2K walls and pre-cast concrete mid floor.
True labour of love for this self-builder.

Woodlands Phase 2

Single storey, compliant level energy efficiency for phase 2 at Woodlands. Using Spantherm ground floor slab with Izodom compliant 250mm walls to be over-clad by the client with an external wall insulating system


Large complex replacement dwelling built to a low energy standard.
Full underground basement built with the Izodom waterproof foundation system and retaining wall elements. With insulated foundation to entire ground floor area. A stunning new build that's a testament to Heron.

Oxen Park

Large split level contemporary new build.
Built using the Izodom insulated and waterproof foundation system, formed with a radius for this special project. Retaining to the lower ground floor and finished with 3 finishes externally. Another stunning example showcase for Heron.

Little Thatch

Large low energy new build by this self-build client.
Built using the insulated foundation formwork and 350mm 0.15W/m2K external walls.

Whitecross Farm

Passivhaus principle self-built new build dwelling house.
Raft foundation formwork has been installed - walling elements in due course.

Great Western Road – EnerPHit

EnerPHit extension to this villa.
Utilising the insulated foundation system to the extension base and Izodom compliant walls to then be over-clad with an external wall insulation system (EWI).

Garden Music Studio

Bespoke insulated foundation system and compliant energy performance walls to be over-clad.
Built from ICF to aid sound-proofing of this back garden recording studio.

Westwood Avenue Extension

Izodom ICF used for structural walling elements to simplify the build of this predominantly glazed rear extension.

Inverneil Farm

Low energy Izodom 350mm 0.15W/m2K walls used for the first ever Izodom build completed within the UK.

Lee on the Solent – Self Build

Low energy self build project with Passivhaus insulated foundation system, low energy ICF walls and timber posi-joist mid floor with rafter roof.

Econekt are providing a shell contract service for this client in their old garden, taking works from site clearance to wind and watertight - a more unusual contracting only service for Econekt on this one.

Milngavie – Self Build

An architect designed house comprising of basement living accommodation with the driveway directly above.
Low energy ICF walls with insulated foundation system.

Full contracting service from Econekt - taken from cleared site all the way through to externally completed shell.

Anslow – Self Build

Passivhaus principle self build with semi basement lower ground floor, pre-cast concrete floor slabs throughout and an external pallet to rival its Hungarian inspiration.

This will be a very exciting self build with the Izodom Passivhaus foundation and ICF walling elements.

Orpington – Extension

A Passivhaus principle rear, side and front extension to this detached house in Orpington.

Econekt have provided the Izodom insulated foundation system and Passivhaus ICF walls for the rear and side extension, with the Izodom low energy ICF walls for the front.

As with all supply only self builds Econekt provided our site assisted training program.

Balmaha – Self Build

Econekt completed a final design, detail and shell contract on one of our first proejcts.

This unique self build was built to low energy standard with Izodom ICF throughout the structure and a pre-insulated and pre-cast ground floor slab provided by Creagh Concrete.

Internally this home is a credit to the owners being entirely hand crafted to provide the feel of traditional German cottage.

Balmaha – Birchwood Guest House

This low energy self catering and upmarket holiday cottage was the second phase for this Balmaha self builder.

The holiday cottage has 8 individual rooms to cater for the Loch Lomond and Balmaha based outdoor enthusiasts.

Built with Izodom low energy ICF, Spantherm insulated ground floor slab and Icynene spray foam insulation to the roof space - this is one low energy build with Passivhaus principles throughout.

Ware – Hertfordshire

Passivhaus foundation slabs x 4
Supply & assist


Low-energy structural shell

Closeburn – Scottish Borders

Passivhaus foundation slabs x 3
supply & assist

Hemel Hempstead

Low energy basement shell
Designed by Facit Homes

Clatternbriggs – Elgin

Low-energy ICF walls
Supply & assist

Garelochead – Helensburgh

Passivhaus insulated foundation slabs
Supply & assist


Passivhaus basement shell


Passivhaus Izodom insulated foundation slab
Supply only


Passivhaus Izodom insulated foundation slab
Supply & install


Low-energy ICF walls
Supply & assist

St Boswells

Passivhaus Izodom insulated foundation slab x 3
Supply & assist


Passivhaus Izodom insulated foundation slab
Supply & install

Sidcup – Kent

Passivhaus Izodom insulated foundation slab
Supply only

Ely – Cambridgeshire

Low-energy ICF basement shell


Low-energy build


Passivhaus shell


Low-energy supply & assist


Passivhaus supply & assist

Lyme Regis

Low-energy watertight structural shell
Design & build

Bridge of Allan

Passivhaus supply & assist


Low-energy shell
Detail & build

Newton Mearns

Low-energy basement & super structure
Supply & assist


Low-energy shell