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What Is Self-Build & Why Should You Consider It?


What Is Self-Build & Why Should You Consider It?

Published: 29th July 2019

Despite what it sounds like, a self-build doesn’t have to involve you constructing your home with your own bare hands, unless you really want to of course! Regardless of its terminology, self-building simply relates to the concept of designing, commissioning and managing the construction of a home which is bespoke to your tastes, preferences and lifestyle. In other words, it’s the opportunity to create the dream home you have pictured in your head all these years and making it a reality. It’s about constructing the house which will serve you and your family with all of the facilities and design elements you require to maximise your quality of life and feel genuinely excited at the prospect of returning home to it each day.

Taking on a self-build is a considerable task for anyone, from novice project manager to experienced professionals in the construction industry, it can be a real challenge with so many tasks to align. Who’s going to lay the foundations? Who is going to install electricity and heating? What are we going to do about interior design? It’s vital to the successful of a self-build that you employ the right people to answer these questions, ensuring they are dedicated to delivering your vision and maximise the usage of your time and money to get you into your dream home as soon as possible.

Self-builds allow you to have creative control over your future home, and incorporate the technology and design features which will enrich your family’s lives. What’s more, constructing your own home means that you have the opportunity to install environmentally sustainable measures to ensure your home has minimal impact long-term. Allowing your new home to work for you & the planet in turn!

There is an abundance of rewards to be found in self-building and it is a far more achievable and viable option than you may have first thought. Be bold and build your own home, and avoid the hassle of the existing property market on your next move.

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